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Losing Fat is More Important than Losing Weight

There are many, many people out there who are determined to lose weight and get rid of some of their body fat, and are hammering away at sorts of different diets and training regimes designed to put the body in perfect shape. So why is it that so many people never seem to get there, or even remotely close? Essentially the main reason is that when you lose weight, you haven’tactually reduced the number of fat cells in your body, you have just made them fractionally smaller, and fat cells are amazingly good at replenishing themselves at any opportunity. You work and sweat yourself into the ground and as soon as you rehydrate, those cells start to take back everything you gained.

Two Major Options

Realistically, to lose weight, you have one of two options. First option is to consume far fewer calories than you actually use, forcing the body to tap into the fat reserves, which is a long and slow process. Of course, it still leaves you in the same predicament of having the same number of fat cells, who desperately want to get bigger again. So, it seems that if you want to lose weight and fat permanently, you need to also look at the option of removing some of the fat cells from the actual body. It is difficult for those cells to revert to their normal size when they are no longer there. This is normally the point in time, where readers mistakenly think we are into the realms of liposuction, which is not the case. While it is a method of removing fat, liposurgery is an invasive operation, which many would prefer to avoid.

Non Invasive Fat Removal

We have all seen what happens when you put a few drops of washing up liquid into an oily pan, the detergent immediately starts to attack and break up the fats, effectively destroying them. What has recently been discovered and is FDA approved is a method of doing something similar to the fat cells, though by using temperature instead of the detergent. Fatty cells do not like the cold, and they like being frozen even less. By using precise cooling technology fatty cells can be frozen to break them up and which are then naturally secreted from the body in a process known as coolsculpting cryolipolysis. An Internet search can help you locate clinics from where you can learn about coolsculpting in Malaysia.

Highly Targeted

Application of the cooling can be applied directly to precisely the points which have fat concentrations of concern, so you can lose the fat where you need it most, to get that figure in better shape. It is a walk in and walk out procedure that is totally non-invasive, simply consisting of a special cooling cushion applied to the areas needed. The fat cells are gone altogether, so there is no danger of fat simply being shifted around.

Obviously once you are in shape a good diet and exercise are important, to ensure it stays that way, but the really tough part of getting the fat off in the first place has just become a whole lot easier.