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How to Choose a Surgeon for Facelift Surgery?

Nowadays, everyone wants to look beautiful and live longer. Face lift surgery is one such procedure, which helps a person hide skin ageing effects and improve his/her facial features. This guide will brief you more details about facelift surgery.

Prerequisites of a Facelift Surgery

  • Complete Knowledge of The Procedure

It’s important that before going for a facelift surgery, you gain complete knowledge about the procedure. Such details require knowledge of the time required for the treatment, risks and benefits associated with it. Such knowledge will make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the procedure. Also, you remain aware of the time and hurt involved in taking it.

  • Pre-Arrangements for Care And Transportation

It’s important that you ask your family member or friend, to pick and drop you for surgery. This is vital since after surgery, you may not be able to ride the vehicle. Besides pick and drop, you can ask someone to sit in the clinic till your treatment is finished.

  • Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

There are several factors that affect your comfort level with the facelift surgery professional. It’s vital that you’re sure of surgeon’s credentials and experience to undertake the surgery.

Make sure that your surgeon listens to your apprehensions and addresses them gently. The surgeon should be wise enough to solve your issues and should put his/her maximum efforts to make you feel comfortable. You can reach Dr Elise Bernier for professional facelift surgery.

How to Prepare For a Facelift Surgery?

While going for a facelift procedure, it’s important that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting and short-sleeved dress. Though the surgeon will put his/her best to avert staining on your clothes, still it’s better to take precautions from your side.

Besides this, you should not ever wear jewelry pieces as you’ll anyways be needed to take it out prior to the surgery. Moreover, try to avoid wearing contact lenses since your eyes will remain closed during the procedure.

Importance Of Choosing A Professional Facelift Surgeon

A professional and well-trained surgeon will ensure that there are no after surgery risks. There are chances of falling prone to infections, facial numbness, hematoma and bleeding etc. A certified and experienced surgeon will put his/her best to reduce the chances of such risks. He/she will undertake all possible steps to handle emergency situations.


If you’ll follow these simple tips, your facelift surgery will surely be a great success.