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How Is Hair Regeneration Performed?

There are several signs that your hair has begun to fall out. There may be patches on your head or your hairline might have developed some small patches.

Hair regeneration is going to help you to regain some confidence that you may have lost. This regeneration process is simple and it can be performed by technicians. They are going to make sure that your hair regeneration process goes smoothly.

How is hair regeneration performed?

Your Hair Damage Is Going To Be Assessed

The damage to your hair is going to be fully assessed at a female hair clinic in Glasgow that is staffed by trained experts. You may have some minor hair loss or you might have complete alopecia on your head. The assessment is going to influence the type of treatment that you are going to receive.

A Full Hair Implant Can Be Performed

You might need to have a full hair implant. This may be because the majority of your hair has fallen out because of an illness. The implant is going to look 100% natural and it will make you feel feminine once again.

The implant will be assessed to make sure that the implant has been successful and that it is going to remain in place for many years to come. The hair implant is going to grow in the same way that your natural hair would. It can be washed accordingly.

  • The colour of the implanted hair can be chosen by you.
  • The colour of the implanted hair can be matched up to your existing hair.
  • The hair implants can contain highlights in them such as blonde streaks.

Hair Extensions Can Be Put Into Your Existing Hair

The hair loss that you have been experiencing may be restricted to a few specific areas on your head. This means that hair extensions can be inserted. These hair extensions can be washed in the same way that you normally tend to your existing hair.

  • The hair extensions can give your existing hair some more volume.
  • The hair extensions can cover up the fact that your hair has begun to thin out.
  • The hair extensions can make your bald patches disappear.

The Impact Of The Hair Rejuvenation

Your hair rejuvenation is going to have several positive impacts on you. The first is that you are going to be able to walk outside on a windy day and not worry that your hair loss is going to be exposed. Also, you will feel like socialising with your friends once again and you are never going to feel the need for covering up your head again.

Complete Conclusion Of The Article

There are a couple of ways that your hair can be rejuvenated. A hair implant can be installed if the hair loss has been extensive. Extensions can be added if the hair loss has been less severe. You will have complete control and you will be able to choose both the style and the colour.