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Health Reform Is a Wake Up Call for Nurses

It is time for nurses to awaken. The cry for health reform is really a call to nursing. It’s a call to go back to healing, to health, to wellness.

Florence Nightingale’s mission for nurses is to help individuals learn to get and remain well. It had been through observing the individual as well as their responses to treatments and making adjustments through nursing interventions that helped people get better. It wasn’t instituting more medicine. Actually, she stated, “nursing and medicine must not be confused. It spoils both…””

When nursing was implemented within the hospital establishing the 1800’s, more and more people got well. They didn’t heal from adding more physicians. It’s with the nursing process: interaction, observation, assessment, intervention and evaluation that Florence Nightingale learned and trained her nurses to enhance health outcomes. Everyone was dying in hospitals. When nurses were introduced more and more people got well.

Medicine alone doesn’t make us well. It is just within the personalization and integration of medical interventions for unique people who treatments might have their intended effect. Without that personalization, with no knowledgeable human-to-human interface between your nurse and also the person, healing is intermittent at the best. At its worst people still suffer as well as die.

The drive for profits within the well-being of individuals has produced an emergency in healthcare today. As the figures of medicines and coverings are rising at astronomical rates less nurses are in the bedside where they are able to result in the healing difference.

Our overall health care system has forgotten the lesson that Florence Nightingale trained us decades ago. It’s not more medicine which makes people well. It’s the integration and personalization of treating unique individuals it’s nursing which makes the main difference.