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Everything worth Knowing About Smoothshapes® Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is nothing but fat underneath the skin. As the fat deposits increase, it pushes against the connective tissues, which creates the lumpy and dimpled appearance that you see on the surface of the skin. The formation of cellulite is related to many lifestyle factors, but it is a condition that can be tackled. Today, there are many treatments and creams available for reducing cellulite. While some work, other brands are making money by fooling people. If you want an effective solution to cellulite, SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction might be the answer. Here are some quick facts at a glance.

What’s the procedure all about?

SmoothShapes technology for cellulite contouring is one of the most effective ways of tackling the condition. The results last for more than six months, which is more than what you would expect with other procedures. SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction uses a special technology known as Photomology®. The treatment typically uses laser along with light energy to heat fat underneath the skin. As such, the enlarged cells start to express the fat, and with the help of vacuum massage and rollers, the liquid fat is then moved, so that it can be removed from the body through the lymphatic system. SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction is effective because it works on the fat containing cells directly.

Who can go for the procedure?

The technology is meant for most people dealing with cellulite. Please note that this is not a treatment for obesity. If you have a toned body but need to lose fat from certain parts, this is the treatment for your needs. For those who have been feeling awkward about the appearance of cellulite on their body, SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction should help them effectively in getting smoother-looking skin. The technology is best suited for those who want to get a more contoured body, but this is not a replacement for diet and exercise.

If you want to know more about SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction, it is best to find a reliable clinic in your area. Ask as many questions as required, and since this is a cosmetic procedure, the costs are not covered under insurance. As such, it is wise to know the costs, as well. Your therapist should be able to explain the benefits in detail, and to know more about the expected results, you can see a few before and after photographs. Check online now to find the right clinic.