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Your Basic Guide to SR9009

Even though stenabolic SR9009 is being closely associated with SARMs, it is, in fact, a Rev-ErbaA ligand. In other words, it means that SR binds itself with this protein to make it more active than the norm. In doing so, it’ll allow the user to experience a good number of benefits.

Some of the advantages in using SR9009 include the following: increased fat loss, enhanced endurance, and improved stamina. The product has been gaining increased popularity as of late because of the latest advancement in pharmaceutical technology. It’s even a prime choice for many athletes around the world.

What is Stenabolic SR9009?

SR9009 is a Rev-Erb ligand developed by a team of researchers and scientists led by Professor Thomas Burris in a company known as Scripps Research Institute. The compound is an oral substance that assists in stimulating the Rev-Erb protein. It can significantly influence many of the body’s regulatory mechanisms such as fat-storing cells, circadian rhythms, macrophages, and lipid and glucose metabolism. In other words, SR9009 can assists users in significantly increasing their endurance while burning excess fat in the process. Both advantages are what make this product very desirable among athletes.

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How Does Stenabolic SR9009 Work?

Stenabolic SR9009 works by triggering a broad range of processes in the body as it binds and activates the Rev-Erb protein. Perhaps the most prominent process affected by the binding is the increase in the number of mitochondria found in the muscles, as well as a definite boost in metabolic functions. As a result, the user will notice a significant improvement in muscle strength and endurance. Gym rats may find themselves running longer on the treadmill and they can lift heavier weights which might otherwise be impossible at that moment without supplementation. Also, thanks to the increased number of macrophages, SR9009 can remove the defective mitochondria from the muscles and then replace them with new ones.

Uses of Stenabolic SR9009 in Medicine

SR9009 is known to be quite useful in the field of medicine because of its many positive effects. One known use is the drastic decrease in plasma glucose and triglycerides. As a result, it can significantly help patients dealing with Type-2 Diabetes. Furthermore, SR9009 is a vital element in treating sarcopenia, which is a strength and muscle degradation element naturally caused by aging. Stenabolic SR9009 is also useful in treating obesity, especially for individuals who are already heavily overweight that they can no longer train nor carry any normal exercise routine.

Uses of Stenabolic SR9009 in Bodybuilding

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that SR9009 does have positive effects in the field of bodybuilding. As mentioned in a previous segment of this post, there’s going to be an astounding improvement in the user’s overall endurance and strength. Furthermore, there will be an increase in the rate of fat loss and muscle growth. There’s also going to be improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Just remember to follow the recommended dosage when using Stenabolic SR9009. The optimal dosages of SR9009 range from 20 to 30-milligrams per day.