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UK Laws on Clenbuterol

Each and every country has different laws regarding steroids and other different kinds of medicines and drugs. What is legal in one country need not be true in another country. A user of one country may end up with legal troubles if the same drug has been used in another country. One can understand that drugs like opiates and other psychedelic drugs are in banned lists but why is that steroids and drugs similar to them are being banned. The reasons vary depending on the country of residence. In some of the cases, the drugs are classified as performance enhancing drug, that which can lead to addiction or can cause severe health issues on use. These are the reasons some of the drugs end up in a controlled substance list.

Clenbuterol and Its Use

This is not an anabolic or androgenic steroid and nor is it a psychedelic drug but a rather simple drug that falls under the categories of decongestants and bronchodilators. Chemically they are called sympathomimetic amine and they can enlarge airways and pathways lungs and blood vessels. They also act on the central nervous system and has athermogenic effect. This is used in patients who have asthma and breathing disorders. In the case of medical conditions, the drug’s use is approved but under strict medical supervision. But many people use the drug for its thermogenic properties. In simple terms, the drug accelerates the metabolism of the body and enables fat burning. In the UK, the drug is not manufactured but some online stores offer free shipping to the UK from other countries.

Legality in the UK

Every country enacts laws on some particular type of drugs and once in a while, the laws are modified or changed. So, it makes good sense to check the current laws regarding the use of Clenbuterol in the UK. The drug is currently legal to be used under medical supervision and with proper prescriptions only. And in some cases, the veterinary use is allowed. When it comes to personal use, it is not legal to use. But different people take different views on the type of use and quantity involved. Personal use may be turned a blind eye by the authorities but not possession in huge quantities with an intent to sell or distribute. This will end up in a sure legal trouble. As for competitive sports are concerned, the use is prohibited and if caught, then they may be banned and stripped of awards.

Safety and Side Effects

The drug is not approved for growing muscle, developing strength or stamina or approved as a weight loss drug. However, many people use it for its fat burning criteria and improved blood flow even though it is not safe. The drug opens up the blood vessels and this results in low BP. Since it acts on the CNS, there could be some psychological effects.More than anything, the drug has the potential to get addicted. One should not misuse the drug simply because free shipping to the UK is available. Consider medical supervision in case the drug must be used for whatever reasons.