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Summing up Few Common Dental Health Disorders

Dental health issues are common health disorders experienced by people in their life. Thus, the need to understand common dental health issues becomes mandatory to help in knowing the symptoms and have an effective treatment.

Here are few lines about popular dental issues:

  • Halitosis: Commonly known as bad breath is one of the most common oral health issues. It can happen due to multiple reasons such as bleeding of gums, presence of bacteria on tongue, not enough saliva in mouth resulting in dryness of inside area of the mouth. Usage of mouth wash is simply a temporary solution, so it is best to consult an experienced dentist.
  • Presence of cavities: Tooth decay happens when the accumulation of plaque combined with food particles, sugar and starches attack the tooth root, resulting in tooth decay. Prevention methods are the best ways to avoid cavities like brushing your teeth after meals, using mouth wash regularly, avoiding sugary sweets and regular check-up aided by expert dentist will help in staying safe from the occurrence of cavities.
  • Periodontal diseases: Infections in gums leading to tooth loss needs to be prevented by maintaining oral hygiene and clean up of teeth area every six months.
  • Mouth sores: Usually there are numbers of reasons behind the occurrence of mouth sores which may be painful and sometimes remains for two weeks or more. Sometimes even ailments of stomach or intestine result in mouth sores. Some sores bleed which need to have immediate medical attention.
  • Tooth sensitivity: Quite common occurrence causing discomfort while eating cold drinks, ice cream, sweets and while having hot drinks. The best part is that this issue can be easily rectified by using fluoride consisting paste and flossing every time after meal.
  • Teeth discolouration: Often you hesitate to give a great smile to hide discoloured set of teeth. You can have dazzling white teeth by using organic bleaching agents and whitening solutions. Even an expert dentist can help you to find treatment for permanent whitening of your pigmented or stained teeth.
  • Missing teeth: It can happen due to teeth root decay or due to accidents. You can have new teeth by implanting customised teeth in place of original. You just need to search for the best dentist specialising in dental implants.

All kinds of oral health issues are curable and leaving them untreated would lead to chronic diseases like oral cancer. To know more about dental disorders and the right mode to prevent its occurrence log in to centredentairestonge.com.