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Preparing to Look In Shape For the Summer

My latest Mother’s Day present for my wife caused some tension among the younger ladies of our household.  With summer coming on my wife decided she wanted a really classy signature bathing outfit to wear at beach parties, at the poolside, and on resort trips.  She selected a particular design and style.  Using a pattern from Vera Bradley, she chose a bikini accompanied by a robe, handbag, and travel bag.  All the items were made of a material with a matching pattern.  They sold for 50% off using a Groupon coupon for Vera Bradley.  This set was what I gave my wife for Mother’s Day.

The debate came in when some of the kids expressed concern over her not appearing to be a “mother” when dressed in the new swimwear she now possessed.  Of course, they naturally envisioned their mother dressed in a one-piece bathing suit not as revealing as the one in her new summer wardrobe.  And they were surprised to see the new swimsuit not only fit her well, but that she looked like she belonged in it.  You see, my wife had quietly dedicated herself to a program of fitness and weight loss that she’d told no one – including me – about for some time.  She changed her diet a bit and reduced the amounts she ate by eating smaller meals.  She also did regular fitness exercises that weren’t extremely strenuous but had cumulative effect when practiced faithfully.  For example, she went out walking or jogging 15 minutes every day.  She also did resistance exercises at a gym 3 times a week and swam 30 minutes during lunch hour.

She followed a program that minimized her use of what she called “exercise-defeating” habits or customs.  So she walked up staircases instead of riding elevators.  She also walked or bicycled to the store instead of driving or riding the bus.  Anything requiring physical exertion was added to her routine.  This way she increased burning extra calories and tightened her muscles. It’s worked for her because she is now in far better shape than me.  Her daughters obviously envy how she looks in her new Vera Bradley beach outfit.  I may have to join a gym myself if I want to look like I compliment her new appearance.