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Laser Therapy: What Are The Risks And Benefits?

Laser therapy is increasingly popular and can be seen on the treatment list for many beauticians’ salons and spas. But as therapies like this become more popular, claims for compensation become more prevalent. Compensation claims occur when laser therapy goes wrong and results in injury. You can take steps to minimise the risks associated with these therapies, but you can also learn about what you need to do should your injuries occur and you need legal help.

What Exactly Is Laser Therapy?

A laser therapy is a treatment that uses focused light for the purpose of medical or cosmetic treatment. Laser light can be tuned to specific wavelengths, which makes it possible for use in a variety of settings. It can be highly powerful. Laser therapy can be used for medical purposes, for example to shrink tumours, or it can be used to remove kidney stones and minimise cancer symptoms. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes including hair removal, vision improvements, wart and mole removal, removal of wrinkles and scars, tattoo removal, and treatment of hair loss. In some cases laser therapy is used for treating pain.

Laser Therapy Risks: Who Is Not Suitable

Laser therapy for cosmetic purposes is elective, and therefore you can choose whether you get it or not. Some people may not be suitable candidates for laser therapy as they have skin conditions that could be aggravated by lasers. Laser therapy is sometimes not suitable for people under the age of 18.

Preparing for Laser Therapy

Make sure that you are confident of the procedure and that you have been informed of all the risks beforehand. Be sure that if you get laser hair removal treatment or laser therapy for another cosmetic purpose that you understand the aftercare requirements.

Risks of Laser Therapy

There are some risks associated with laser therapy and these should be considered before the procedure takes place. These risks include bleeding, infection, scarring, burns, and changes in skin colour. Some side effects can be expected when you get laser therapy for cosmetic purposes. But you may want to make a laser burn claim if you suffer an injury that shouldn’t happen in normal circumstances. Consult a solicitor to see if your laser therapy injury should be handled by a personal injury expert.

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